Katla volacanic history summer tours

Katla is the name of the volcano this tour is all about but Katla was the name of the dragon in a famous novel by the children book writer Astrid Lindgren.
The tour is 2.5-3.5 hours and an ideal add on to your experience in Iceland. If you don't know much about volcanos in Iceland and their incredible history you will learn it on this tour.  
Katla is one of the most powerful volcanos in Iceland and icelanders haven't written about any other volcano as much this one.  What is special about Katla is that she, yes its a she, blows with an incredible power and soon after it blows there comes a Jökulhlaup ( Glacier outburst) where 200.000 cubic meters or 7.000.000 cubic feet of water burst out after the lava melts the ice. Those floods are some of the biggest floods on the planet, creating tsunamis in the ocean as they crash into it. 
Katla is a fascinating volcano and the stories of people survival through these eruptions are just fascinating. Katla last blew 1918 and volcanologists keep a close eye on that volcano day and night ready to give us a good notice to get away from the volcano when it blows. 
If you like Star wars you are in for a treat because rouge one was filmed in the area that we drive through. 
All in all if you are ready to drive over the big black sandy desert, see the incredible ice this is a great experience for young and old so come and have fun with us :)